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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sunderji Nursery School, where your little ones will fall in love with education.

Over the past twenty years, the inclusive preschool has nurtured over five thousand students. For us each student is ‘Special & Unique’ with immense natural enthusiasm. To nourish this, our neuroscience backed Kaleidoscope Curriculum focuses on the critical needs of the child & establishing a foundation for lifelong learning, in a early learning environment that is healthy & warm.

We believe every child has a right to Education, therefore our inclusive preschool integrates special education & related services into all aspects of our programme. This brings greater empathy & acceptance of differences amongst all our children.

Ours is a world in which every child attains the right to participation & sustained development. We want our early learners to be a catalysts for positive change, through love, respect, integrity & transparency, this can only be achieved by our team of passionate, creative, dedicated & flexible early childhood educators who are certified & trained to be the best version of themselves.

We give utmost importance to our various verticals of our parent partnership programme to create a harmonious community where every child along with their parents can be nurtured into a responsible global citizen.

Please do take a moment to visit us to see how we can enable your child to reach their potential.

With best regards,

Masarrat Tavawalla
Co-Founder & Director

Our History

In 1983, the Founder Members had a simple vision to seed, to start an Educational Institution for  the young minds. Jena Sunderji, watered that vision and started Sunderji Nursery Classes at her home. The nursery that catered to only six preschoolers at that time, grew from strength to strength over thirteen long years. As the years passed, the demand grew and finally in 1996, the Founder Members, Jena Sunderji, Malek Sunderji, Zarina Sunderji and Masarrat Tavawalla launched Sunderji Nursery School.

Our Core Team

Jena Sunderji

Malek Sunderji

Zarina Sunderji

Masarrat Tavawalla

Jena Sunderji

As the eldest sibling, Jena Sunderji has always been concerned about children around her, especially neurodiversified children. After completing her SSC, Jena Sunderji did her S.T.C., a Teachers’ Training Course. In 1983, she started the Sunderji Nursery Classes at home. In 1996, along with her sisters, they founded the Sunderji Nursery School. To continue the stream of education, over the years she has conducted adult literacy classes for the ladies of her community thus empowering women to create a positive change in their life.

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Malek Sunderji

Malek Sunderji received her B.A. & then acquired her B.Ed. from Tilak College of Education (Pune) & immediately joined Mt. Carmel High School (Pune), as an Assistant teacher. It gave her immense pleasure & satisfaction to teach the students of her own Alma Mater. After teaching in Mt. Carmel High School (Pune) for twenty long years, she shifted to St. Vincent’s High School (Pune) & taught there for eight years. In 1996, along with her sisters, they founded the Sunderji Nursery School. She was the Chairperson of Education Board & a member of the National Board for the Aga Khan Education Service (India). Her biggest achievement is seeing her students living their dreams and bringing joy around them.

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Zarina Sunderji

Immediately after obtaining her SSC, Zarina Sunderji started teaching at Mt. Carmel High School (Pune). Side by side she worked on completing her Secondary Teachers Course, B.A. and receiving her B.Ed from Tilak College of Education (Pune). Thereafter, she joined St. Vincent’s High School (Pune) as a Teacher and eventually a Supervisor for Hindi. In 1996, she along with her siblings, became one of the Founders of Sunderji Nursery School. She was the Secretary of Social Welfare Board of the Aga Khan community (Pune) for fifteen years and also conducted adult literacy classes for the ladies of her community along with her siblings.

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Masarrat Tavawalla
Co-Founder & Director

A passionate educator, Masarrat Tavawalla, works relentlessly to Educate, Empower and Enlighten learners of a dynamic world community. She is the Founder Member and Director of Sunderji’s Global Academia. An alumna of St.Xavier’s College (Mumbai), she holds a B.A in Psychology, and M.A in Psychology and Child Development. Acquired a B.Ed, followed by M.A in History from S.N.D.T (Mumbai), as well a Certificate in Guidance and Counselling (CIG),a correspondence course from IGNOU (India). Topping it off with a Remedial Teachers’ Training Level 1 to 5, specialising in Education of children with special needs. Associated with the Rotary Club of Pune and is a Founder Member of Pune LD Forum and member of Maharashtra Dyslexic Association. Her articles have been published in various newspapers and has presented papers at several national and international Forums.

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Our Pillars

Sunderji Nursery School believes that every child is unique and has a right to education. Therefore, our inclusive school integrates special education & related services into all corners of its tailor made programme. Thus creating extraordinarily learning world for all students.



Our curriculum allows the child to learn through multi-sensory approach which leads to development of critical thinking and early learning skills



We believe that learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great



We carefully plan our learning environment to challenge children’s interest and provide rich holistic experiences