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Ranked Top 100 Preschool in India by BrainFeed Group
2018-19, Ranked Best Proprietary Preschool by Education World, India
2020, Ranked 5th Best Preschool in Pune by Education World, India
Affiliated by New Zealand Tertiary College of Education, New Zealand

Sunderji Nursery School believes that every child is unique and has a right to education. Therefore, our inclusive school integrates special education & related services into all corners of its tailor made programme. Thus creating extraordinarily learning world for all students.



Our curriculum allows the child to learn through multi-sensory approach which leads to development of critical thinking and early learning skills



We believe that learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great



We carefully plan our learning environment to challenge children’s interest and provide rich holistic experiences

Maintaining the young child’s natural investigative nature to explore, we provide an environment that caters to that need. Our custom made curriculum is built on the foundation of years of experience and research on neuroscience, which truly helped the child to excel further in their crucial development age. In our progressive programmes, the child receives the utmost attention and assistance in opening their true potential.

Parent Toddler

Toddler +


Pre Nursery




Home Connect

Age: 9 months - 1.6 years
Duration: 1 hr | 3 days per week

Parent & toddler groups are a lifeline for parents and provide a great opportunity to mingle with other like minded mums with children of a similar age to your own. Aside from the social benefits, they also offer a change of scenery for your child, providing ample opportunities for preschool learning, to play with new toys, enjoy new sounds and make new friends.

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Age: 1.6 - 2 yrs
Duration: 1.5 hrs | 3 days per week

Kids transition from babies to toddlers. Their shaky firststeps give way to confident walking. We make sure that the kids make major stride in understanding language and figuring out how to communicate. Focused on their hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Helping toddlers to explore toys and surroundings more than before. We encourage the concept of pretend play at this age. Providing tons of chances to be active and to learn and explore in safe surrounding.

Age: 2 - 2.5 yrs
Duration: 2 hrs 45 mins | 5 days per week

We know that children develop 80% of their brain in the first three years of life, so we want to give them the space to get their brain firing. Letting children develop their social skills at their own pace. We encourage emotional confidence and being independent from an early age. At here, they are allowed to burst their energies through various activities, such as playing, running, jumping, singing, twirling and much more! We support children’s imagination and creativity by allowing them to play in an unstructured way.

Age: 2.5 - 3 yrs
Duration: 3 hrs | 5 days per week

Children are welcomed to different aspects of the world in a 360° theme based curriculum. Through skillful thematic planning, children are introduced to life skills, academic skills, understanding one’s own unique skills and critical thinking. They are able to relate to real world experiences and build on prior knowledge of a topic. Through theme, children get to understand their own unique strength and explore multiple ways of learning.

Age: 3 - 4 yrs
Duration: 3 hrs | 5 days per week

The learning rate speeds up at this age, therein teachers lays out opportunities for the child to experiment to develop their cognition and emotion. This is the time we introduce the child to Pre-Maths, Pre-Language, Pre-Scientific concepts and much more. Introduce children to “personal choice time” which fosters independence. This program to dedicate to creating a love for learning to ensure a successful transition into K1.

Age: 4 - 5 yrs
Duration: 3.5 hrs | 5 days per week

Children dive further into literacy, logic, general knowledge, emotion and behaviour development through various activities that is derived from our well researched curriculum. The learning methods are more relaxed and children are allowed to learn by experimentation. They are given a semblance of confidence and help them interact in a better manner.

Age: 5 - 6 yrs
Duration: 3.5 hrs | 5 days per week

In this last stage, we enhance their reading skills, writing skills, analytical skills, intra and inter personal skills. Language and literacy development is taken a notch further. Phonic skill is mastered in here, to help children read & comprehend. Basic Maths is incorporated in overall growth. Children will be in a more controlled and structured environment, for them to advance their skills that they have acquired at the previous level. Thus, on completing upper kindergarten with us, your child is fully equipped to enter first grade confidently!

All age groups
Duration: 1 hr | 5 days per week

At the safety of your home, provide your child a world class early education with our programme that entails:
• Kaleidoscopic Curricula
• Engaging Live Interaction with our Educators
• Immersive Online/Offline Life Skill based activities
• Virtual Field Trips to excite Learning
and many more






Spaciously ventilated
inclusive setup
Kitchen garden
360° Security
Sensorial lab
Flexible interiors
Well stocked library
Earth friendly playground

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