Mom + Tots

Parent Toddler Program is the best way to transit your child in to preschool. Designed by experts, our program helps develop the cognitive, physical, language and social skills of children as they grow. This program helps to improve motor skills, kinesthetic skills, linguistic skills and cognitive skills. Not only do children learn from the Parent Toddler Program but it is also a great way for parents to learn.

Surprise Elements*

  • First week complimentary
  • Expert Talks on Development, Nutrition and Stimulating Activities
  • Masterchef Program
  • Complimentary access to School Readiness Program
  • Graduation ceremony for both Mother + Toddler

*Terms and conditions applied

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Admission Fee 1000 INR Only

Program Details

Batch starting in November 2023

Four Months
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Age Group
10 – 24 months

Program fee
4,000 INR / month

Why choose us!
Benefits for Child


Meet other kids to develop a sense of socio – emotional understanding

Develops Receptive & Expressive Language

Indulge in learning innovative & creative skills

Develops Kinesthetic skills, Analytical Thinking & Conceptual Learning

Promotes Linguistic enhancement
and so much more!


Benefits for Parents


Opportunity for parents to bond with like-minded parents

Parents get time to understand the behaviour of the child

Helps in Upscaling Parents Lifestyle


Bonding Activities

Brain Power

Head over Heels

Musical Munchkin

Sensory Station

Out in the Garden

Table Tree


Motor Skills

We are more than an Preschool

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